Dream Journaling: The end of humanity.

Yeah, we’re gonna try that dream journaling thing again…

The apocalypse was upon us.  Buildings, cities, countries had been blown to smithereens in an all-out video game-style war the likes of which my two dudes have been training for their entire lives.  Of course we were amongst the rag-tag bunch of survivors.  Just us, all the guys I used to make indie films with and several other randoms.  (You always gotta have randoms to trip and leave behind when the zombies make their appearance.)

So, we’re hanging out and I’m trying to determine how to keep society alive while the film dudes were arguing about how to get just the right camera angle on the destruction around us.  “Hey guys, Youtube isn’t around anymore.  And the movie theater?  Yeah, that crumbles heap of ash right over there?  That’s it.”  But no one was paying me any mind.

I realized that the government had set up a think tank where the most brilliant minds had been sent to insure the survival of mankind.  We entered the tank to find it had been turned into an arena in which the “greatest minds of our time” had all constructed their very own Battlebots and were fighting them and placing bets, etc.  Apparently they had been in the think tank so long, they had gotten bored.  My dudes were positively elated and rejoiced at the site of the bots.

This is where humanity’s headed y’all.

BattleBots (video game)

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