By Grace Alone

Hurricane Katrina has devastated New Orleans. Homes are crushed, streets are flooded, and a piece of Vivienne Lavoie’s spirit has been swept away with the receding waters as she works diligently to put her beloved city back together. It’s her job as a civil engineer, but she also feels it’s her responsibility to ensure her heritage isn’t lost in the murky waters of the Mississippi, for her Cajun blood runs thick as the courtbouillion her Memere made when she was just a child.

An unexpected pregnancy forces Vivienne to choose between the city she loves, or the child she never expected. While debating giving the baby up for adoption, she meets Charlie and Samuel. Both men are trying desperately to sort through their own struggles. Charlie has to come to terms with his own identity and the past that drove him from his hometown to the anonymity of New Orleans’ streets. Sam is learning to accept that he and his wife may never have children of their own. Through their friendship with Vivienne they discover the myths and legends that give New Orleans its mystique, the culture of her people, and that they’re able to feel normal again. They find that she makes their struggles seem bearable, until a tragic death brings their spirits crashing down again and forces them to reevaluate everything. It is then that they are able to begin their personal rebirths and find happiness, love, and above all, hope.

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4 thoughts on “By Grace Alone

  1. Love your blog posts. Are you living in New Orleans, and if so, have you met James Welch yet? He is pastor of Harbor Community Church, which I think would be appealing to you.

    • My muse, right now, is my city. Well, the people of my city. I live in Queensland, Australia, and am an hour away from my howetomn Brisbane which this week has been flooded, hundreds of houses have totally gone under, 70-something people are missing (washed away in the water) and 12 across our state are dead. My uncle is still waiting to see if there will be anything of his home left when the waters recede enough for him (and all of our family behind him) to drive back to the evacuated area and see. But! My city is my muse, because of the incredible positive and fighting spirit of those who are directly affected. And because of the thousands of people who are volunteering to help, who have donated money and goods, who helped neighbours carry boxes of precious things out of their houses and safety. We are seeing the absolute worst and the absolute best at the same time.

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