It’s New Book Day!

Happy Tuesday!  You know, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  New albums, books, etc. are all released on Tuesday, so it’s fun to go out and see what’s new each week.  The BEST Tuesdays are those when one of my own books are included in those new releases.  Such as today.

So go check out my latest.  And if you haven’t read the others, you probably should.  Because, well, it would make me smile a whole lot.  And hopefully it would make you smile too.  A whole lot.  And because The Peeshwank is becoming more and more expensive to keep up with, so every little royalty check helps!

So go here, click “add to cart,” check out and enjoy.  Then leave me a gleaming 5-Star review.  And let me know if you’re ever in the eNWA (extreme NW Arkansas) area and I’ll buy you a drink!


Don’t wanna wait for shipping?  Order it here for your Kindle.  Or keep watching the Barnes and Noble site.  I’ve been assured it will be available on Nook within the next 24 hours.

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