Cthulhu Goes to New Orleans

Cthulhu decided to take a break in her usual daily soul-eating activities and hit the Big Easy for a bit of strolling, shopping, and terrorizing the locals.  She asked me if she could use my site to photo blog about her journey and since one does not say “no” to such a malevolent entity, here it is…

Starting off the trip by fighting The Peeshwank for pillow real estate.  Winner: Peeshwank.

Checking out the Atchafalaya basin.  Hmm… murky waters.  Starting to feel at home down here.

Crossing the Mississippi.

The 12-year-old minions I employed to do my bidding on the trip enjoying the fountain at the Audubon Zoo.

The next day, the boy minion made me late for early-morning site-seeing.

So I made him carry me.

The minions and myself on the roof at the hotel before taking a swim.  Bourbon Street sits unsuspectingly beneath us…

The minions and I rained down hellfire and brimstone upon that street of depravity.  Actually just rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

I discovered I really have a fondness for jazz music.

And beignets.  I couldn’t wait to wrap my tentacles around these bad boys.  The minions’ grandmother had to hold me back.

The girl minion and I took a break to text our friends back home while waiting on the penguin show at the Aquarium of the Americas.

The Saints asked me to take Coach Payton’s place for the year, but I told them I have no interest in silly mortal games.

Fuzzy navels by the pool in Baton Rouge.

Now, that I’m back home, I have decided to embrace this Southern culture and will henceforth be known as Cthu-Lulu.

Trip wrap-up:

Miles traveled – 1719.1

Rivers crossed –  (Arkansas, Red, Sulphur, Atchafalaya, Mississippi, Ouachita, Cossatot, Cane, and Little River)

Family members visited – 12

Beignets eaten – 9

Gators consumed – 1

Shrimp/crawfish/souls devoured – countless

6 thoughts on “Cthulhu Goes to New Orleans

  1. You missed 3 rivers: Ouchita, Cossatot, and Little River! We also sat on the banks of the Cane River at the Grillin’ on the Cane Festival in Natchitoches.

  2. hehe — love it
    we are going to the smokey mountains soon – send her with us and and she can travel some more

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