The Peeshwank’s Pre-Vacation Questions

The past two years, The Peeshwank and I have foregone a mommy/son vacation due to the fact that we were at Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Michigan and Maryland respectively.  (Woot!  Woot!  OMers in the house!)  This year his team did not advance to Worlds though, so I’ve decided to give in and take the wee one on his first journey to The Motherland.  New Orleans.

He’s been begging to go since he was old enough to say “NooLorlins”, so I figured the time was right.  I checked with The Pischouette (my niece) and she was up for the trip as well.  Just me and the 12-year-olds heading to the City That Care Forgot.  Then my dad insisted that my mother chaperon us, so the trio has become a quartet, and I’ll be honest, I’m quite okay with that.  The thought of being outnumbered by tweens in The Big Easy was a bit frightening.

The Peeshwank has been preparing for the trip by asking a million and a half questions about our upcoming trip.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites here:

Peeshwank: Why do I have to get shots to go to Junior High?  What’s going on there that I need shots for?  Do they have wild animals roaming around or something?  And why aren’t we at Jazzfest right now?

Me: Because we’re going to New Orleans in May.

Peeshwank: But Jazzfest will be over then.

Me: I can see telling you about Jazzfest was my first mistake.


Peeshwank: Are there any good restaurants in New Orleans?

Me: You know how they say there are no dumb questions?

Peeshwank: Yeah.

Me: Well, that’s a dumb question.


Peeshwank: Do they have chili in New Orleans?  I need chili.

Me: I’m sure they have chili, but they’re known for their Cajun food and seafood.

Peeshwank: Seafood.  Cool.

Me: Yeah, like shrimp.



Peeshwank: Do you think people will throw lots of beads to me?

I’m not touching that one with a 10-foot-pole.  And I have made arrangements for a hotel with a rooftop pool, in order to keep the children away from Bourbon Street as soon as it starts to get dark.


Peeshwank: Do you think if I save up enough money, I can buy a Blue Dog painting?

Me: Um… yeah… not so much. (<– $105,000.  Seriously.)  Maybe a postcard?


So, The Peeshwank has a plan to see as much art as he can, listen to as much jazz as he can, ride the Algiers ferry as many times as I’ll allow, and eat all the shrimp, fried gator, frog legs, and boudin he can cram into his tiny body.

Let’s do this.

My third novel.  New Orleans is practically the 4th main character in the book.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

One thought on “The Peeshwank’s Pre-Vacation Questions

  1. If any of my readers are in the New Orleans area and want to get a book or two or ten signed, feel free to email me or comment here and I will do my best to meet up with you! Sadly, my shipment of books did not make it here in time to make the trip, so I won’t have a traveling bookstore with me as I had hoped. I will only have a handful of copies which are earmarked for potential shops that I hope will soon be carrying them.
    I guess it’s a good sign that I sell them as fast as I get them in, right? :)

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