About a year ago, I made a short cut for this sound effect on my laptop.  I click it liberally when the boys chat with me.

“Mommy, I’m out of goldfish.”


“Looks like it might rain today.”


“I can’t find my socks.”


“Really, mom?  It was funny the first thousand times.”  DunDunDunnnnn  “Seriously, cut it out.”  DunDunDunnnn

Make it stop, Mommy!

I figured it was time to pass the fun onto you and your unsuspecting families.

3 thoughts on “DunDunDunnnnnn…

  1. Reblogged this on Fertility Doll and commented:
    I was reading Infertility Awakening’s post about being still and dreaming. I’m indulging in some dreaming of my own right now. I’ve imagining what kind of mum I’d be and as I was doing that I browsed some parenting blogs (because I like to torture myself? Not really😉 ) and I found this.

    I’d like to be the type of mum that does this. I think Black Panty Salvation will appreciate this and could maybe try it in a few years.


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