Just another night in the hood…

The Peeshwank has this habit of jumping in my lap to disrupt whatever I may be working on. Once he is certain that he has my attention, he proceeds to ignore me and starts texting his friends.  I don’t complain because this gives me the opportunity to see what he and his friends chat about over his shoulder (before anyone blows a gasket, don’t worry, he knows I do this – he’s the one holding the phone up in front of me, after all).  Last night, this conversation happened…

Friend: “Dude, mom said you can come over this weekend. Spending the night like a boss.”

Peeshwank: “Cool.  Dude, I got some new shoes.”  [attaches pic of said shoes]

Friend: “Tight.  Those are legit.”

Peeshwank: “Word.”

I think I was better off not knowing what they talk about… yo.

Too Legit to Quit (song)

Too legit, too legit to quit, hey, hey... now it's stuck in your head too.

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