Did y’all see that?!

So, I’m just sucking down my Sunday night pinot grigio when I realize that the Golden Globes are on and I totally missed the red carpet.  For anyone who knows me well, you know that red carpets are the highlight of my day, so the realization that I had missed out on one of the biggies was supremely depressing to yours truly.

I immediately flipped the channel to the appropriate station and lo and behold Sarah Michelle Gellar is on stage in MY.DAMNED.GOWN.

Don’t believe me?  Go here.  I totally called dibs on that thing back in September.

Buffy, you are DEAD.TO.ME.

Joe reminded me that I’m getting myself all worked up over a dress I wore to an imaginary awards ceremony where I won an imaginary award in my imagination.  Always the party pooper, that one.

6 thoughts on “Did y’all see that?!

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