Take Your Son to Work Day: An Interview with The Peeshwank

By the time our adventure ended tonight, The Peeshwank was in no mood to write his guest blog post, he was also up to his elbows in pumpkin pie.  So we opted for another aspect of being an author.  The interview.

So, tell us what you did today.

Well, I ate pumpkin pie.  We went to Sam’s.  Oh, and I started to write a book.

[I’m assuming these were in order from least important to most.]

Did you learn anything?

Yeah.  That stupid people were driving on the roads today.

[I swear I don’t have road rage.  Much.]

Anything else?

The so-called “sausage guy” is totally fake.

[This was the first time I’ve ever been to Sam’s that the yelling sausage guy wasn’t there.  Swear.]

What was the hardest part of “your job” today?

Brainstorming and getting through traffic.


Was it a rewarding experience?

I guess so.  I got to miss school.

[All about priorities, that kid.]

Tell us about the book you started writing today.

It’s about the zombie apocalypse.  Kevin is the main character.

[Zombies.  His favorite subject.]

What inspired it?

A video game I was playing on my tablet, but then you started nagging me to get off the tablet.

[I don’t know who this “you” is he’s talking about.]

What did you like most about being an author for the day?

I liked getting to wear my robe all day.

[I made him get dressed to go shopping.]

Thanks for taking the time to sit down for this interview, now go brush your teeth and get to bed.

We actually did get a lot done today.  We outlined his book:

Three story arcs that come together for the climax. He even added an epilogue. Not too shabby for a middle-schooler.

He wrote the first two scenes.  (We knew he wouldn’t be able to write the entire thing in one day, so we moved on to other aspects of the publishing process.)

He designed a cover for the book:

We talked about sales/marketing/things.  I’m no expert, but I play one on TV, so it was all good, and I’m sure he went to bed totally convinced that I’m a sales & marketing genius.  Ha.

All in all it was a fun day.  Who knows, maybe this will have sparked a love of storytelling in The Peeshwank…

At least I convinced him that I don’t just sit around playing Black Ops all day.  Yeah, right.  I’m totally more of the Plants vs. Zombies type of gal.

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