An emergency Fun with Homonyms(?) – Are/Our/Or/Hour

I had another post all lined up for today, but the following picture came to my attention yesterday and I felt I must take responsibility as a proud American and do something.

So I came here to make fun of a protest sign.  Because it’s my civic duty, you know.

The misuse, the random hyphen, the lone lowercase "i". The Tea-party protest sign trifecta.

Dear Tea-party member,  “Our” and “are” aren’t even pronounced the same, they don’t have meanings that are in the same ballpark as one another, they only have one letter in common.  How does this happen?

“OUR language is English.  If you ARE going to make a sign OR statement online, please take an HOUR or two to study up on some basic grammar.”

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

PS. I threw “or” and “hour” in there, because quite frankly, if they’re screwing up “our” and “are”… well, it won’t be long until those get thrown in the mix.

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