Shopping for toddler gifts…

One of my dearest friend’s daughter is having her birthday this weekend and I’m at a loss.  You see, I normally rock at picking out the perfect gifts without having to ask someone what they want.  But for a 4-year-old girl… I’m clueless.

I have no idea what they like, what they’re into.  Do they like Hello Kitty?  Barbies?  BB guns?  A plush Cthulhu?  (The Peeshwank got his first plush Cthulhu at 5.)

I tried thinking back to when the Peeshwank was 4 and building on that.  All I’ve found in my archives are stories of him trying to destroy all of humanity, the Earth, and the surrounding solar system.  Oh, and pouring salt on everything.  (His neighborhood friends showed him how to melt a slug with salt, so he decided he could melt everything with salt.  Everything.  Beds, carpet, his red wagon, couch, washing machine, bath tub, shoes, books, carseat.  Salt.  Yeah.  I still have no idea where he stashed the salt or even where he got it to begin with.)

So that leaves me with two ideas for birthday gifts for one sweet little girl…

A pink bulldozer for maximum cuteness while destroying property.


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